DCN is serious about our support to all our clients to make land free for use and save their people from the hazards of Anti-Landmines and Explosive Remnants of War (ERW). The importance of clearing military ordnance contaminated areas cannot be over-emphasised. vis a vis the need of the people for food production, housing, social and industrial developments. DCN takes humanitarian demining close to its heart as saving lives is our business and clearing and making land safe for use is our pride.

Deminers Concept Nigeria Limited (DCN) gained an international reputation for the quality of the services we provide and the lengths to which we will go to remain at the top of our game particularly in our immediate geographical divide and the world in general. We also provide the best possible support to each and every one of our clients not only during the clearance or risk education but as long as possible. We not only ensure that we remain abreast of world’s best-practices, we take every opportunity to challenge the status quo, to ensure we deliver the very best in professionalism, efficiencies, effectiveness and value-for-money to our clients.


Range of Service

Because of our wide wealth of experiences, we undertake the supply of specialist equipment for specialist duties, mine watch equipment, bomb detectors and Humanitarian Demining equipment; like Scanners, Locators and mine safety clothing, anti-mine boots and protective shield. Our specialist department undertakes humanitarian de-mining services, mine clearance and destruction returning mine infested war zone to mine free civil environment. We are specialized in undertaking bomb and explosive training and investigations. The range of Landmine and UXO clearance consulting services we provide include the following;

  • Landmine/UXO
  • Threat Analysis and Risk Assessments
  • Provision of Strategic and Operational-level technical advice
  • Stockpile Control, Maintenance and Destruction
  • Risk Education and Awareness Training
  • Mine Awareness Education
  • Mine Risk Education.
  • Mine Action Policy and Procedure Reviews
  • Design of Landmine/UXO projects
  • Development of Budgets and Pre-Tender Cost Estimates
  • Development of Tender and Proposal documentation
  • Evaluation of Tenders and Proposals
  • Execution of Demining Contracts
  • Implementation and Management of demining projects
  • Technical and general evaluation of demining projects
  • Quality Assurance and Quality Control
  • Inspection of Stockpiles, Armouries and Weapons and Ammunition Depots
  • Landmines and ERW Education

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Deminers Concept is the premier and most professional Humanitarian Demining Organisation in Nigeria and West Africa.

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2010 Excellence

Deminers Concept Limited was deemed a competent, professional and responsive organisation in Humanitarian Demining by the United Nations Representative.

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