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Quartermasters Integrated Services Limited

Ours in Quartermasters is a total commitment towards establishing a professionally sound relationship. We aim at achieving an environment of mutual co-operation between the Nigerian authorities, the respective countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States’ (CIS) and the rest of the world and their corporate bodies on the one side.

Main business activities are focused at acquisition and supply of Military, Police and Para-military, Security hardware and software, Electronic Monitoring equipment, Mines and demining, Explosive Devices, Aviation systems and Agricultural, Road construction equipment, Industrial machineries thus combining the interests of Governments, Corporate bodies or organizations to enhance further mutual co-operation and to seek sound investment opportunities.

Export and import of brand new equipment is followed by on the job training with the focus of achieving the importance of sound maintenance culture backed up by continuous flow of spare parts, we assist in the refurbishment, modernization and upgrade of old equipment to a state of brand new thus saving considerable cost while using existing resources. We aim at efficiently achieving the highest technical and commercial standards at serving our customers best


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Deminers Concept is the premier and most professional Humanitarian Demining Organisation in Nigeria and West Africa.

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2010 Excellence

Deminers Concept Limited was deemed a competent, professional and responsive organisation in Humanitarian Demining by the United Nations Representative.

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