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Prof. Bala Yakubu,

Managing Director

Born several years ago in Abeokuta, Ogun State Nigeria, he hails from Bama, in Borno State. Dr Yakubu a retired Military officer with over 30 years of military combat experience.

He started his primary education at the Ibadan City Council School and completed it at the Army Children’s School Dalet Barracks Kawo, Kaduna, from where he proceeded to the Nigerian Military School, Zaria, for enlistment as a Boy Soldier in 1969 during the Nigeria Civil War. Other schools and institutions he attended are, Kaduna Polytechnic, Kaduna, Nigerian Defence Academy, Nigerian Army School of Infantry, Nigerian Army School of Education, School of Foreign Language Studies, Pau, Southern France, Nigeria Military Training College, Jaji, Kaduna, Infantry Centre and School Jaji, Kaduna, Command and Staff College Jaji Kaduna and the Dutch Battalion Training Centre, (DUTCHBAT) Zagreb, Croatia.

Prof Bala Jack Yakubu served his country very well in various capacities in Peace Support Operations and wars. Has international combat experiences achieved in Chad, under the Organisation of African Unity, Peace Support Operations, South Lebanon under the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon , in former Yugoslavia, under the United Nations Protection Force in former Yugoslavia and Operation Harmony, Border protection of the Bakassi region of Nigeria under the Nigerian Army. Joined private sector in 1996 and has risen quite well in the business because of his professional know-how. He is into the business of saving lives via the Humanitarian Demining in Nigeria’s South East, South South, and parts of North Central sub regions of Nigeria. Humanitarian Demining is supervised by the United Nations.  

Organisations under Leadership.

Prof Bala Jack Yakubu, is the Chairman and Managing Director of Deminers Concept Nigeria Limited, Deminers Charity Foundation (the only body that has been assisting Victims of Landmines and Explosive Remnants of War so far), RSB Holdings, Quartermasters Integrated Services Limited, Czech and Slovak Business Centre Limited, Polygon Integrated Service Limited and many others.

Courses Attended-The reason for his wide range of experience and technical knowhow is in the numerous courses he attended both in and out of uniform, he attended the Mortar Platoon Commander’s Course, Medium Machine Gun Course, Anti-Tank Platoon Commanders’ Course, Infantry Young Officers Course, French Language and Current Affairs Course, Junior Division Staff Course others are Company Commanders Course, Senior Division Course and the Unexploded Ordnance Recovery and Disposal Cadre Course in Ukraine, Anti–Terrorism and Counter Terrorism Course (UN) Zagreb, Croatia, Mine awareness, mine recognition and mine lifting course organised by DUTCBAT United Nations Protective Force in Yugoslavia, Zagreb, Croatia, World Anti-Terrorism Seminar Moscow- 2002, Dubai International Military Fair 2006, Explosive Ordnance Disposal Course Belarus 2007, Arms, Ammunition and Explosive Recognition Course, National Pilotage Centre, Moscow Russia 2006, Ammunition Stockpile Management course Ukraine, Explosive Stockpile Management Course, Ukraine, Ordnance Recognisance and Maintenance Course-Dutch Battalion, Zagreb, Croatia and Demolition technics and the Environment, Czech Republic. Other courses outside the military includes, Humanitarian demining Course organised by TASCO Ukraine, Weapons recognition Course-Beltspet Technika, Belarus and International Mine Action Standard, Switzerland

Highest Educational Institution Attended-Prof Bala Jack Yakubu also attended the following Highest Institutions of his career; Armed Forces Command and Staff College-1995-1996, Pass Staff Course (psc), Evangel Christian University, United States of America, Doctor of Business Management, Freedom University and Theology, United States of America, Professor of Humanitarian Management.

Demining Experience-Before handling the humanitarian Demining of the former eastern region of Nigeria Prof Bala had his demining experiences from Croatia 1992 De-mining of United Nation Protected Areas (UNPA); Sisak Crossing Point, linking South Croatia with Glina Serbian occupied area, Minefield along Sisak-Petrinja-Glina Axis Confrontation Line, Clearance of minefield along Velika Kladusa and Petrinja in the territory of Bosnia Serbian Territory, Detection and Marking of Minefield along River Rijeka, Kalovac, Croatia and Maintenance and Management of Storage Houses of the disbanded units of the Serb and Croatian military.

Highest Educational Qualification; Pass Staff Course (Bsc Military Sciences)-Command and Staff College Jaji, Kaduna, Doctorate Degree Honoraria USA (Business Management) and Professor of Humanitarian Management

Professional Services-He is a Consultant to Nigeria’s Ministry of Defence on Humanitarian Demining, he handles Explosive removal and Stockpile Management courses and is Consultant to Kofi Annan International Peace Keeping Centre, Ghana on Stockpile Management, Small Arms and Light Weapons. He is a Consultant to ECOWAS on Stockpile Management, Small Arms and Light Weapons and a Visiting Lecturer on SALW to Kofi Annan Peacekeeping Centre Accra, Ghana.

Combat Experiences-As a rugged infantryman Yakubu saw actions in the following operations, Operation Munzo, United Nation Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL Peace Keeping)-Award UN Medal for Peace in Lebanon, Operation Harmony 1 Nigeria – Chad conflict (OAU)-OAU Medal for Peace, United Nation Protection Force in Former Yugoslavia (UNPROFOR) Peace Enforcement – UN Madalx2 for Peace in the former Yugoslavia and Nigeria Cameroon Boundary Dispute (BAKKASSI Archibong Town).

Foreign Relationships and Associations-Bala has relationships with many organisation both local and abroad some of which are, the National Pilotage Center (NPC) Moscow, Russia, Belarusian Trade Centre (BTC), Ukrainian Business Group (UBG, Czech and Slovak Business Group, World Anti-Criminal and Antiterrorism Forum (WAAF) MOSCOW 2002, ECOWAS Peace and Security Abuja and Kofi Annan International Peacekeeping Training Centre, Accra, Ghana.

Projects Undertaken: The following projects were undertaken by the Professor, Training Seminar for Nigerian Navy in the use of High Calibre .50 Machine Guns, Mine Awareness and Mine Risk Education in Civil War affected parts of Nigeria, Humanitarian Demining of 12 states in the former civil war affected parts of Nigeria, Removal and destruction of Stockpiles of Landmines and Unexploded Ordnances in Nigeria (observed by the UN), Designing Training Module for training Member states of ECOWAS in Stockpile Management and Small Arms and Light Weapons, Designing training Modules on Stockpile Management for Kofi Annan International Peacekeeping Training Centre, Ghana. Others are Development of a Roadmap on Stockpile Management and Security in ECOWAS Region for ECOWAS, Conducted training on Stockpile Management for ECOWAS member states representatives at the Koffi Annan International Peacekeeping Training Centre sponsored by the Japanese Ministry of Defence November 2010, Training of ECOWAS country representatives in Stockpile Management and Marking and Tracing of Small Arms and Light Weapons.

Achievements-Prof Bala Jack has the following achievements to his credit, Clearance and destruction of over 10,689 Nigeria Biafra Civil War Bombs, Removal, Clearance and Destruction of Anti-personnel Landmines, Published in the 2013 Edition of Who’s who Registry of Executives and Professionals in the world having demonstrated exemplary achievement and distinguished contributions to the business community.

Honours and Awards-Every hard worker will always be honoured or given awards for hard work, Yakubu was honoured by the American Registry of Outstanding Professional–Professional of the year 2012,For excellence  dedication and success in Charitable and Philanthropic Services, Who’s Who Award- Professional of the year 2012 Charity and Relief Aid, Melvin Jones Fellow, for dedicated Humanitarian Services and a Special Award for invaluable contributions in promoting the ideals of Lionism in District 404A2, Nigeria 2014-2015.

Publications-He has written so many books yet to be published like, Overkill; the state of ammunitions and their victims, War in the former Yugoslavia; Lessons for Nigeria, The challenges of humanitarian Demining in Nigeria, The technical aspect of the Nigerian Civil War, Stockpile Management in West Africa, War without End (in print) and the Roles of the Legislators in Stockpile Management.

Accolades-From UN Landmine investigative team represented by Mr Tim Lardner from Geneva Landmines office sent to Nigeria to investigate the presence of landmines and explosive remnants of war in the east of Nigeria, “Following this, the mission had an intense two days with the consultant in charge of the project, Dr Bala Yakuba, who heads the project on behalf of RSB Ltd. We visited a number of sites where demining had been carried out, as well as a rehabilitation centre assisting former soldiers affected by ERW – a number of who were mine victims. It immediately became clear that, although there may not necessarily be a clear strategic vision, or indeed understanding of the problem and the solution at the governmental level, the organisation that have been hired – on relatively open Terms of Reference, is a competent, professional and responsive organisation that is able to deliver what is needed to support, not only the implementation of the Anti-Personnel Mine Ban Convention, but also in the protection of large numbers of the Nigerian population against the hazards posed by ERW”.

Some Chieftaincy awards from some prominent Ezes in the Igbo land for saving the lives of our people by the removal of landmines and explosive remnants of the Nigeria Civil War.

  1. Ozoigbondu 1 of Osu Isiala Mbano
  2. Uzoma Indi Igbo Dum

Cooperation With Other Corporate Organisation and Companies Under Supervision: Prof Yakubu had stakes in the following companies; Deminers Concept Nigeria Limited-Chairman, Quartermasters Nigeria Limited-Chairman, Polygon Integrated Services- Chairman, Sojawares Nigeria Limited-Chairman, Saraba Habibu Nigeria Limited-Managing Director, Czech and Slovak Business Centre Limited-Managing Director and Deminers Charity Foundation-Founder.

Hobbies: My hobbies are; Watching nature and saving lives, Studying and reading explosives and Working and serving Humanity.



Associate. Prof. Dr. M.Sc.

Theoretical background obtained Dr. Chladek during study at University of Pardubice, Dept. of Theory and Technology of Explosives and also in additional courses. Dr Jiri is an expert in demilitarization of unwanted and/or surplus ammunition in military holdings, UXO clearance, against misuse of explosives and also on teaching & training new specialists. He is the mentor behind our successes.

Dr Djibrine Kadijam

Director, International Relations

Doctors Around the Earth




Director, Information Technology  Management

Benjamin Yakubu is an IT specialist with more than 12 years of experience, including Web and Desktop applications development, e-commerce and content management systems (for internet and corporate intranets), as well as working directly with clients in a development and consulting capacity throughout the full software life cycle. Graduating Magna Cum Laude in BSc Computer Science from Troy University, Alabama, USA and a distinction Masters Degree in Management Information Technology from University of St Andrews, Scotland, UK, Ben excels in his field of applied computer science with numerous awards to prove same.

Corporate background includes international and domestic experience in a leadership role.He is the author of several indigenous software to aid School Management, Water Boards, Hospitals (civilian and military), Universities amongst many others. Portfolio includes projects for the University of St Andrews, Troy University Alabama (UAE Campus), many corporations and individuals.

Mr Benjamin YAKUBU handles the information management system of the Humanitarian Demining.



General Manager/Secretary to the Chairman

She is a BSc. holder of Business Information Systems, major in Information Technology whom graduated with a Second Class degree upper from a highly reputed University in UK. She has acquired over the years various knowledge and experience in the IT world and with that she designed a Communication and Management System which was recognized amongst the top 10 project ideas in her University



Personal Assistant

Ahmed Ake Ahmed, Personal Assistance to the Chief Consultant to the Ministry of Defence on Humanitarian Demining hails from Ejuku in Yagba East Local Government Area of Kogi State, started his primary School in Gadon Kaya Model Primary School in Kano, his Secondary education was at Rumfa College Kano from where he proceeded to Federal College of Education Kano, for his National Certificate in Education (NCE). Ahmed Ake Ahmed holds Bachelor of Technology, Computer Science (B, tech) from famous Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University Bauchi, A+ Computer Hard Ware and software from National Institute of Information Technology (NIIT) Abuja.

Currently applying for his Masters Degree in Cyber Crime from Federal University of Technology Minna. He is a member of Computer Professional Registration Council of Nigeria (MCPN), Associate Member Computer Society of Nigeria (AMCSN) and host of others.


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