Benefits we deliver

The primary benefit we provide to our Clients is the confidence and assurance that;

  • The scope and scale of the UXO/mine remediation is both necessary and appropriate to meet the needs and objectives of the project
  • The methodologies, technologies and management structures to be employed are the most efficient and effective available to meet the needs and objectives of the specific project
  • The Quality of the UXO/mine works conducted meets their specific needs and conforms to International Standards
  • All foreseeable 'project-risks' have been identified and appropriate contingency plans developed.
  • They will achieve maximum 'value-for-money' from their Demining support
  • Double checks on clearance carried out after land release is carried out.
  • Develop database to keep tab of victims of landmines and explosive remnant of war.
  • Development information database to record reports, the presence of explosive hazards throughout the contaminated areas.
  • Develop database of assistance rendered to victims.
  • Safe returns of Internally Displaced People to their homes, residencies and farmlands..
  • We return the land to its most useful stage.
  • We are responsive and flexible and can deploy a single expert or a team virtually anywhere in the world in a matter of days. With our robust programs and facilities we are on the go anytime.

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Deminers Concept is the premier and most professional Humanitarian Demining Organisation in Nigeria and West Africa.

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2010 Excellence

Deminers Concept Limited was deemed a competent, professional and responsive organisation in Humanitarian Demining by the United Nations Representative.

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