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Ours in Deminers Concept is a total commitment towards establishing a professionally sound relationship with communities plagued with Anti-Personnel Landmines (APL), Explosive Remnants of War (ERW) and other dangerous military ordnances left behind after civil wars or other armed conflicts. We aim at achieving an environment of mutual co-operation between the Nigerian authorities and our groups, the respective countries of the Economic Community of West African States, the African Union and the United Nations who has put together all the enabling Resolutions to help save landmines and Explosive Remnant of War victims and survivours the world over. We strive to be available to Nigeria our immediate community and the world, in the areas of Mine Action with the aims of saving lives and making land safe.


The Deminers Concept Nigeria Limited represents a combination of the efficiency and expertise in handling all contracts. We put first as priority the lives of the people threatened by the scourge of Anti-personnel Landmines and Explosive Remnants of War. We execute our works with the fullest guarantee of state of the art equipment for detection and the clearance of all types of military ordnance left behind after armed conflicts. Our equipment have continued support in their lives from the suppliers, we guaranty continued service without hitches. This is achieved by the wide networks of support given to us by our numerous partners, representations and financiers.

The company produced a charity organization to take care of victims of landmines and ERW particularly in Nigeria where little or no attention is given to them. Other companies with technical relationship with Deminers Concept are RSB Holdings Nigeria Limited, Quartermasters Nigeria Limited, Polygon Equipment and Services Limited, Czech and Slovak Business Centre Limited, Strong Towers Security Limited and Sojawares Nigeria Limited.

We have been working closely with the Geneva International Centre for Humanitarian Demining (GICHD), the world’s supervising body for Humanitarian Demining. They have sent two representatives to Nigeria to inspect and assess our works and services.

Tim Lardner the representative of GICHD wrote thus;

“Following this, the mission had an intense two days with the consultant in charge of the Project, Dr Bala Yakubu, who heads the project on behalf of RSB Ltd. We visited a number of sites where demining had been carried out, as well as a rehabilitation centre assisting former soldiers affected by ERW – a number of who were mine victims. It immediately became clear that, although there may not necessarily be a clear strategic vision, or indeed understanding of the problem and the solution at the governmental level, the organisation that have been hired – on relatively open Terms of Reference, is a competent, professional and responsive organisation that is able to deliver what is needed to support, not only the implementation of the AP MBC, but also in the protection of large numbers of the Nigerian population against the hazards posed by ERW.”

Business activities are focused at acquisition and supply of Military, Police and Para-military, Security hardware and software, Electronic Monitoring equipment, Mines and de-mining, Explosive Devices, Aviation systems and Industrial machinery thus combining the interests of Governments and Corporate bodies to enhance further mutual co-operation and to seek sound investment opportunities.

Export and import of brand new equipment is followed by on the job training with the focus of achieving the importance of sound maintenance culture, we assist in the refurbishment, modernization and upgrade of old equipment to a state of brand new thus saving considerable cost while using existing resources. We aim at efficiently achieving the highest technical and commercial standards at serving our customers best.



Deminers Concept formerly RSB Holdings is the authorized representatives of a lot of companies in the following countries; United Kingdom, Germany, Czech and Slovak Republics, Belarus and Ukrainian. Deminers Concept has over the period of its operation gained some recognition in some African countries especially the West African states. In her former name of RSB Holdings we got an accolade from the Tim Lardner outfit when they came to inspect our works on behalf of the United Nation Landmine office in Geneva. Deminers Concept is the official off shoot of RSB Holdings Nigeria Limited. RSB/DCN is represented in the United Kingdom.  

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Deminers Concept is the premier and most professional Humanitarian Demining Organisation in Nigeria and West Africa.

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Deminers Concept Limited was deemed a competent, professional and responsive organisation in Humanitarian Demining by the United Nations Representative.

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